Our Studio

Opening times: Work days – from 09:00 till 18:00 (We can be open longer)

Saturday – from 09:00 till 18:00. On Austrian public holidays only on prior agreements.
Total area of the studio – 340 m². In total there are 5 locations:

There are also a Makeup room and a Cafeteria for relaxing.



General lighting is also possible for lighting the whole area of cyclorama.

Height of ceiling: 3.50 m.
Depth of working area: 4.30 m.
Width: 4.50 m.
Color of the surface: Green Chromokey

Minimum boooking time: whole day, 9 hours, 590 EUR plus VAT

The videographer, model and his/her assistant must work in the provided shoes! Models shoes (for posing) must be clean.
Taking of the flashes from the railing system can only be done after the agreement with administration!

Minimum boooking time: whole day, 9 hours, 590 EUR plus VAT – book now



Height of ceiling: 3.50 m.
Depth: 6.80 m.
Width: 4.50 m.
Color of the surface: WHITE
Floor: Wooden plank
Price: 1 Std. 50,–€ (exkl. MwSt)


There is a robotic paper background system. The color gamut of paper backgrounds: green, blue haven. The cost of a running meter of a new/damaged background (damage, stains, traces of shoes, gaps/tears etc.) – 10 Euros (€) / running meter.
Rail ceiling system (Farm) for light equipment with 4 movable guides. Pantographs for adjusting the height of flashes.
Basic euqipment: 2-3 studio flashes GODOX QS12OOII or Mikrosat Digital. Incase of need can be completed with an extra flash.***
The portrait room is also available for kids photos. There are colorful children backgrounds and accessoires.

Minimum booking time: 1 Hour. – book now




A portrait room for photographers/videographers who need more space.
Also the space is ideal for workshops (Please contact us if you need this location for workshop!).

Ceiling height 3.50м
Room size: 7.80 x 20m
Price: 1 Std. 50,–€ (exkl. MwSt)


Minimum booking time: 2 Hours. – book now



Three well equipped places fo makeup and hair styling are at the disposal of our clients.
A hairdryer is available for hair styling.
If you need time for make-up before shooting, then add unnecessary time to the total booking time!

We do not provide free time for make-up or preparation for shooting.


Cozy cafeteria for relaxing:

Here you can, not only enjoy the coffee but also discuss the details of your shooting with your client. Cofee is for free 🙂